Book on female guerrillas banned by a Turkish court

A book on the liberation process of women freedom fighters through portraits of 11 female guerrillas, “The womanly state of the mountain,” has been banned after the recent ban on the ‘Rojava State of the Revolution’ by Ceylan Publications.

As the AKP government continues to ban books on Kurdish freedom movement, yet another ban has been imposed on ETHA and ANF reporter Arzu Demir’s book “The Womanly State of the Mountain in War, Peace and Freedom” which was published by Ceylan Publications.

İstanbul 6th Criminal Court of Peace suggested that the book on gender roles in the lives of 11 female guerrillas spread ‘PKK propaganda,’ and ordered the seizure of the book and the ban of its sales and distribution.

The book was first published in October 2014 and was republished for 7 times in one and a half years.

In the book, Demir looks for answers to questions such as ‘Why did you join the guerrilla?’, ‘How do the traditional roles for women and men manifest themselves in the mountains?’, ‘Why women adhere to Abdullah Öcalan?’ and ‘What do you think about love?’ through the personal experiences of women from different regions who joined the guerrilla ranks on different dates.


Two days ago, Istanbul 2nd Criminal Court of Peace had banned ‘Rojava State of the Revolution’ which was published in July 2015 and republished later 3 more times. The court decision to ban came right after social media accounts linked to special operations police and gendarme forces targeted the book online.


Journalist Arzu Demir is now under investigation for ‘spreading organization propaganda’ in her two books, and was summoned to the office of the attorney general to testify within a week.