Başaran: It is a policy of the state to leave women in poverty

Ayşe Acar Başaran, spokesperson for the HDP Women's Council, met women in Antep as part of the meetings "Against Women's Poverty". According to Başaran, it is a state policy to leave women in poverty.

As part of the meetings "Against Women's Poverty", the HDP Women's Council met with women in Antep.

The visiting delegation included HDP Women's Assembly spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran, as well as HDP MPs Ayşe Sürücü and Nuran Imir.

After speaking with the women who work per piece at their homes, the group met at the party's Şahinbey District Organization building.

Fatma Beçet, mother of Ayten Beçet who set her body on fire in Gebze Closed Prison where she was staying to protest the isolation imposed on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, and members of the Peace Mothers Council were among those who attended the conference.

“Antep is a very important city for us” said HDP Şırnak Deputy Nuran Imir adding: "We paid a high price for liberty. We have and we will continue to fight against the oppression that has been considered as a fate for women for generations in every field. They won't be able to defeat us because we are the people.” 

Imir continued: "Women are at the forefront of the struggle's growing process.They never gave in to pressure. We have zero expectations from those who leave us in poverty. Chaos began when the Imrali gate was locked. No matter how hard they try, they can't stop us."

HDP Women's Council spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran drew attention to corruption, economic crisis and poverty and said: "We launched a campaign to fight this. We set out with the words ‘justice for everyone, justice for women.’ Women are victims of injustice all around the world. Women are murdered, but killers are not condemned. When women aspire to be free, they are subjected to violence. Women work hard, yet they are not rewarded for their efforts."

Stating that they visited 18 cities as part of the meetings "Against Women's Poverty", Başaran said: "We gathered with hundreds of other women who were in the same circumstances we are in. Women work day and night, but they cannot make a living. Women are not doomed to poverty. This is a policy of the state. By standing together against that, we can strengthen our fight. We can support each other because the system has nothing to offer. Our organization is our protection. We have to get organised in order to start a new life."