Autonomous Administration Women's Committee allocates 10 percent of its budget to women's projects

The Autonomous Administration Women's Committee allocated 10 percent of its budget to women's projects.

In September, women's organizations in Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and Manbij came together and took important decisions. It was decided to allocate 10 percent of the budget of women's institutions to develop women's projects and create employment areas for women.

Rûken Mele Ibrahim, deputy chair of the Women's Committee of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration, told ANHA that similar meetings will be held in Afrin, Euphrates and Jazira regions. Pointing out that they will continue to take women's suggestions to develop women's projects, Ibrahim added that they will open nurseries where working women can leave their children easily.

Ibrahim also added that they are preparing to open a business in Hesekê for women who have separated from their husbands and that they will build shelters for old and homeless women.