'Attacks on women in Afrin show real face of the Turkish state'

Afrin Autonomous Administration called on the international community to take action and to prosecute the invaders in the occupied city.

Afrin Autonomous Administration drew attention in a written statement to the struggle under the leadership of women in Northern and Eastern Syria.

"The struggle of the peoples against the dictator and nationalist systems in the Middle East has different characteristics with the leadership of women in North and East Syria" said the statement, adding: "Kurdish women in particular have been leading the new era, playing a crucial role in commanding and fighting. ISIS and other Turkish state-sponsored radical groups were eliminated under the leadership of women organizing society. The fascist Turkish state tried to break the will of the peoples, especially Kurds, with all means. Turkey and its mercenaries have occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî and are kidnapping, torturing and killing civilians."

The statement added: "Mercenary groups kidnapped women and attacked women. The latest horror has been the bodies of Kurdish and Arab women exhibited in the prisons of Al-Hamzat mercenaries. The Turkish state has trampled all human, religious and international values."

The statement continued: "The attacks on women from Afrin reveal the reality of the Turkish state and the reality of radical armed groups. We condemn the crimes of the invading Turkish army and its mercenary allies against our people of Afrin. We also condemn the silence of the international community and call on the international community to take action and to prosecute the invaders in Afrin."