Aklime Hanas arrested in Amed

57-year-old Aklime Hanas has been arrested in Amed. The number of women arrested in the Kurdish metropolis since Tuesday has thus increased to 23.

Aklime Hanas has been arrested in Amed (Diyarbakir) The 57-year-old woman has been summoned to the police station to make a statement as part of a preliminary investigation by the Attorney General's Office. She was arrested in the police anti-terror department in the presence of her lawyer. Since the file is kept secret, the reason for the arrest is unknown. Aklime Hanas suffers from various diseases.

The number of women arrested in Amed since Tuesday has thus increased to 23. Ten more women are on the wanted list. The large-scale operation is mainly directed against activists from the women's structures and civil society in Amed. Among the women arrested are, for example, the spokeswoman of the Kurdish women's movement TJA (Tevgera Jinên Azad), Ayşe Gökkan, JinNews editor Ayşe Güney, 70-year-old Peace Mother Hayriye Demir Türkekul as well as members of local prisoners' aid organizations.

As usual in the trials of Kurdish structures in Turkey, the accusations against the women are based on statements of witnesses who have been kept secret. Those arrested are accused of taking part in protests, demonstrations and events. The exact scope of the accusations is unclear.

Other women known by name, who are in custody at the police headquarters in Amed, are Elif Haran (co-chair of the prisoners' aid organisation MED TUHAD-FED), Rabia Ataş (member of the prisoners' solidarity association TUAY-DER), Panayır Çelik and Halime Bayram (HDP district councillors in Bağlar), Gülşen Güneş and Ronda Bat (HDP district councillors in Yenişehir), Demet Özkaran (former co-chair of the HDP district association in Yenişehir), Rozerin Çatak (board member of the local branch of the Health and Social Workers' Union -SES), and TJA activists Zekiye Güler, Figen Ekti, Emine Kaya, Dilan Yakut, Zeynep Suncak, Selma Metin, Tekoşin Tekin and Ruken Şehir.