Activists protest violence against women in Duisburg

The increasing murders of women murders and attacks on women's institutions were protested in Duisburg, Germany.

The action is organised by the Martyr Asia Yüksel Women's Council in Duisburg every Wednesday at Avendukplatz. This was week number 11.

Amara Tolhildan took the floor on behalf of Martyr Asya Yüksel Women's Council. She drew attention to the fact that millions of women are harmed or lose their lives every day, regardless of their country, religion, language, nationality and colour in every corner of the world, and called for a fight against oppression.

Tolhildan reminded that women are kidnapped in Afrin with the support of Turkey every day. "The Freedom Movement is the answer for the Kurdish people and this colonial rapist mentality towards women and this answer is based on self-defense."

The action ended with a call for participation to the march to be held in Cologne on 18 July.