Activists in Istanbul demonstrate in solidarity with Afghan women

Activists in Istanbul expressed their solidarity with women in Afghanistan and declared: "The Taliban are a threat to the lives of women. They must not be legitimized nor recognized."

A solidarity rally with women in Afghanistan took place in Istanbul. “We are on the side of the Afghan women who are fighting for their lives” and “Solidarity knows no borders” was written on the banners of the campaign group “Implement the Istanbul Convention” in Kadiköy. Surrounded by a large police presence, the activists shouted “Women's solidarity crosses all borders” and the slogan of the Kurdish women's movement: “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî!” (Women, life, freedom).

Çağla Akdere read out a statement on behalf of the campaign group, in which they pointed out that once the Taliban came to power, no one would be safe in Afghanistan. All over the world, women showed solidarity with their Afghan sisters, while Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan declared that he was in contact with them.

Çağla Akdere said: “There can be no agreement with an organization that regards the bodies of women as spoils of war. The Taliban are a threat to the lives of women. There must be no negotiation with them. They must not be legitimized nor recognized."

The activist continued: “We stand by the side of women who are fighting for their lives in Afghanistan. Just as Yazidi women resisted ISIS violence, Afghan women are now in resistance. We believe that the Afghan people will find an independent and self-determined way to rebuild life against the Taliban. For a few days now, we have seen that this struggle is led by women in the street protests in Afghanistan. We call on all women to show international solidarity. With solidarity and sisterhood, we will build a new and equal world."