Action in Sydney to support resistance in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran

An action was held in Sydney to support the resistance in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran.

Many feminist organizations and political parties supported the action promoted in Sydney on Saturday by the Solidarity Coordination with Jina Amini and the Sydney Democratic Kurdish Community Center (DKTM) Youth Commission.

The representatives of the Solidarity Committee and many other speakers addressed the crowd. The action started with Iranian resistance songs in the Town Hall square.

Federal Senator David Shoebridge from the Greens commemorated all the women martyrs of the revolution in the person of Jina Amini while the slogan "Jin jiyan azadi" was frequently chanted.

Shoebridge said that "Kurdish woman Jina Amini has become the symbol of the Iranian women's revolution," and demanded that Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese end the "deaf silence" and condemn the bloody oppression in Iran.

Shoebridge added that international solidarity must grow in order to end the repression in Iran.

On behalf of the organizing committee, Brusk Aeiveri and Youth Commission co-spokesperson Baran Pazarcık emphasized that they will further strengthen the struggle to create a free and democratic Iran.

Veronica Koman, spokesperson for Amnesty International Australia, emphasized Jina Amini's Kurdish identity and noted that her Kurdish identity was denied and all Kurdish provinces were under heavy attack.

Koman called on the Australian government and international sovereign powers to put pressure on Iran.

Charisma Kaliyan, Labor Party member of Liverpool City Council, started her speech with the slogan "Jin jiyan azadi" and said: "Iranian women's revolution in the person of Jina Amini is meaningful and the whole world should support it."

Despite the heavy rain, thousands of people marched towards the Circula Quay square.