Êzidî woman killed in Duhok

An Êzidî woman who was staying in the Xankê Camp in Duhok has been found dead after she was abducted three days ago.

Êzidî woman Necat Berces was found dead near the Xankê River after she was abducted 3 days ago by unknown persons from the Xankê Camp in Duhok where she was staying.

Necat Berces was from Xanesor, Shengal and had been forced to migrate to Duhok after ISIS gangs attacked in 2014. She had been staying in the Xankê Camp since, until she was abducted by unknown persons 3 days ago. Despite all efforts by her family, Necat Beres could not be found until her body surfaced 3 days later.

It is yet unclear who murdered Necat Berces, while the Duhok police investigation on the matter continues.