85-year-old Sîsê Bingöl finally released from prison

85-year-old Sîsê Bingöl was finally released from prison.

Despite the Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) report saying that 85-year-old Kurdish woman Sîsê Bingöl “could remain in prison”, the judicial control of the execution of the Adana Karatas Women's Prison decided to release her.

Bingöl, who met her family in front of the prison, reiterated that she was ill and was glad to be released.

The only word the old woman said was peace.

Bingöl's daughter Hasbike Kanmaz said she was very happy to see her mother released and confirmed that Sîsê Bingöl was also pleased to be out of prison.

Kanmaz said she would take her mother immediately back to Muş.

Sîsê Bingöl was arrested in April 2016 in the village of Badan, Muş, on the allegation of "membership of an illegal organization" and sent to Muş F Type Prison.

At the first hearing held in June 2016, she was released given her health condition.

However, Bingöl was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months of imprisonment for “knowing and helping the illegal organization purposely and willingly” in April 2017.

Bingöl and her son, who were tried on the same charge, were remanded in custody.

Bingöl’s son was sent to Muş Prison while she herself was sent to Tarsus T Type Women Prison.