8 women killed in Turkey in the last three days

Dozens of women are murdered every month in the Turkish state system where the policy of impunity prevails.


In the last three days, at least 8 women were murdered by men in eight cities in incidents of violence against women. Two other women died under suspicious circumstances.


On Saturday, 22 June, Hakim Eba (23) murdered his wife Şükran Eba (19), who was in the process of divorce, his brother-in-law Muhammet Erat, his mother-in-law Leyla Erat and his father-in-law Turgut Erat in Seyhan district of Adana. The murderer took his newborn child and fled the scene.


On 22 June, Saturday, Rıdvan Kahraman (32) seriously wounded his wife Fatma Kahraman with a firearm in Konak district of Izmir. Fatma Kahraman, who was hospitalised, lost her life. The perpetrator was caught by the police at Denizli Bus Terminal.

On the same night, Sedat Mertoğlu (38) wounded Gülsüm Mertoğlu (33), who was in the process of divorce, with a sharp object. Gülsüm Mertoğlu was also hospitalized but passed away. It is reported that efforts are underway for the capture of Sedat Mertoğlu who has many records for theft offences.


Cevri Gökyıldız (62) murdered his wife Maizer Gökyıldız (55) with a firearm in Gönen district of Balıkesir on Saturday, 22 June. The murderer then pointed the gun at himself and fired. Gökyıldız was hospitalised in a seriously injured state.


On Sunday, 23 June, Abdülkadir Kocaoğlu brutally murdered his divorced wife Ayten Çağıran with a sharp instrument in Antalya. The murderer was detained by the police who arrived at the scene.


On Sunday, 23 June, Hilal Kar was murdered with a firearm by M.D., to whom she had an imam (Islamic) marriage. Efforts are ongoing to catch the murderer who fled after the attack in Amed (Diyarbakır).


Mehmet Emin Mercandağı was detained by the gendarmerie after killing his wife Fatma Mercandağı with a firearm in Ereban district of Antep province on Sunday, 23 June.


In Hakkari, the body of Kübra Gültekin, who had not been heard from for a while, was found in Zap Water. The cause of death has not yet been determined and the incident is considered suspicious.


On 24 June, N. K. (56), a woman living in the Bahçelievler neighbourhood of the central Haliliye district of Urfa, was found dead in her house under suspicious circumstances. N. K.'s body was taken to Urfa Forensic Medicine Institution morgue for autopsy. An investigation was initiated into the incident.

Dozens of women murdered every month in Turkey

JINNEWS announced in its violence tally for May that at least 34 women and 8 children were murdered last month, while 18 women and 2 children died under suspicious circumstances. In April, at least 30 women were murdered by men.

According to ‘We Will Stop Femicide Platform’, at least 315 women were murdered in 2023 and 248 of them lost their lives under suspicious circumstances. JinNews, on the other hand, determined that at least 320 women were murdered in 2023. Under the AKP government, which tries to eliminate women's rights at every opportunity, the policy of impunity continues to prevail.