8 March celebrated in Kurdistan mountains

Hundreds of female guerrillas affiliated to the Women’s Guerrilla Army YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) celebrated International Women's Day, 8 March, in Medya Defense Zones.

Hundreds of female guerrillas affiliated to the Women’s Guerrilla Army YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) celebrated International Women's Day, 8 March, in Medya Defense Zones.

Marching to the ceremony area with the flags of KJK, PAJK and YJA Star, and chanting slogans "Jin Jiyan Azadî" [Women, Life, Freedom], hundreds of female guerrillas joined a ceremony which was also attended by KCK General Presidency Council member Sozdar Avesta, YJA Star Central Headquarters commanders Delal Amed, Çiçek Botan, Xelat Şemsê, YJA Star Command Council members Hemrîn Dêrsîm, Rojda Mêrdin and Hezîl Afrîn.

'Women's resistance advancing to freedom'

Speaking at the ceremony here, YJA Star Central Headquarters Commander Delal Amed firstly commemorated the women fallen in the freedom struggle. “We are celebrating the 8 March firstly on behalf of the Leader Apo, who is the creator of Kurdish women's freedom, our brave martyrs, their mothers, our comrades resisting in the battle field, the Kurdish women and all other women in the Middle East. It is thanks to our martyrs that we are welcoming the 8 March in a festive environment today,” Amed said.

YJA Star Commander pointed out that the fire of resistance lit in the west of the world 106 years ago has grown stronger with the resistance of the women in Kurdistan today. “Our struggle has actualized itself with the spirit of resistance, bravery and sacrifice that was led by comrade Sara and followed by Arîn and Destîna in Kobanê. All our martyrs sacrificed themselves for a free life. We commemorate them once again with respect”, she underlined.

Delal Amed remarked that they as YJA Star were active and in action today in order to take the revenge of the martyrs and to defend all the Kurdish women and the world's women by following in their footsteps.

Amed stated that the Kurdish women's resistance led by YPJ in Rojava, by HPJ in Rojhilat and by YPJ-Sinjar in Başûr Kurdistan is leading the struggle that began 106 years ago to freedom in the person of Kurdish women.

'8 March is a day of resistance, struggle and freedom'

Speaking after, KCK Presidency Council member Sozdar Avesta said that 8 March is a day of resistance, struggle and freedom to them, and saluted on behalf of PAJK and YJA Star all the women joining the World March of Women which kicked off in Nusaybin district of Mardin this year in solidarity with the Kobanê and Cizîr revolution. “If women can express themselves, wage a struggle and stage a march in the Middle East today, this is thanks to the Kurdish women guerrillas defending them”, Avesta underlined.

'The revenge of all women will be taken'

Calling attention to the attacks suffered by women from different faith groups and cultures, Sozdar Avesta said that they were welcoming the 8 March of 2015 with not only a moral spirits, but also an organised force of the women waging a struggle. "Women are resisting in the battle field today, taking the revenge of the women murdered in New York 106 years ago. Today, we are the avenge force of the Êzîdî, Syriac, Kakaî, Chaldean women and and all those that are trying to protect their culture and faith in these lands", she said.

8 March message from YPJ

The ceremony continued with the reading out of a message sent by YPJ to the YJA Star guerrillas. YPJ underlined in its message that; "The gains attained by the YPJ today have been achieved owing to the forty years old struggle waged in the mountains of freedom. YPJ gains its strength from the Kurdish Leader, martyrs and 40-year-old heritage of the women's struggle."