66 women killed, 149 abducted, 178 tortured in Afrin

The Syrian Women's Rights Protection and Research Center, which prepared a report on the crimes committed in Afrin under occupation, revealed that 66 women were massacred, more than 149 abducted and 178 others tortured and harassed by the invaders.

The Syrian Women's Rights Protection and Research Center reported the crimes against humanity committed in the northern Syrian canton of Afrin, which has been occupied by the Turkish state and allied gangs for 3 years.

The report listed the crimes committed by the Turkish state and said that these crimes should be tried in international courts.

In the report, which stated that approximately one million people migrated after the Turkish state invaded Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, it was noted that more than 60 percent of the immigrants were women.

The report revealed that the Turkish state seized the homes, gardens and properties of the local people and carried out assimilation in the region.

The report stated that 66 women were massacred, more than 149 abducted and 178 others tortured and harassed by the occupation forces in Afrin.

According to the report,

On 28.01.2018, a 55-year-old woman died in Jindires as a result of Turkish state gunfire.

The body of a young woman who was murdered in Afrin on 19.11.2019 was found in the village of Kani Gewrikê in Jindires district.


1,564 people were subjected to violence by the Turkish state after the occupation of Afrin and no news has been received yet from 149 women who were abducted.

The names of those abducted were listed as follows:

-Gule Sileman was abducted in Basûtê village by the Euphrates Shield gangs in 2018.

- A nurse named Heyfa Casim was abducted for allegedly having a connection with the Autonomous Administration.

- Xedice Mistefa Berko (23) was abducted by Turkish soldiers, Emine Hisên (60) by Faylaq al-Sham gangs. Ayat Ehmd Rashid and İbrahim Al-Shaar were abducted, too.

-On 11.05.2018, a woman named Xedice was abducted by Turkish intelligence while she was sitting in her home in Ashrafiyah (Eşrefiye) neighborhood.

On 19.05.2018, an Arab woman named Hesna Al-Id was abducted by the Turkish state in Jindires.

- Sisters Lonjîn Mihemed Xelîl and Rûjîn Mihemed Xelîl were abducted in Dimkiya district because one of their siblings was in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

-On 15.08.2018 Nour al-Din al-Zenki gang group abducted women named Xedîce Meskîl (50), Cînan Tane (26), Mîdye Tane (20), Cîhan Tane (17) from the Hikice village.

- Xalie Silêman, a member of the Syrian Kurds Future Party, who lives in Birke village of Mabata district, was abducted by the Turkish state twice.

- A young woman named Sara Abdullah Mihemed Elî (16) living in the village of Meriskê was abducted by the Turkish state's military police.

- On 05.10.2019, the Turkish state abducted Wîdad Henan Weqas, Emîre Şehîme and Mewlîde Ebdulrehman Xelîl.

- On 14.11.2019, the Turkish state and its gangs abducted women named Xedîce Qere Elî, Emîne Qere Elî, Fadîle Mihemed, Fadîle Sîno and Heyat Qere Elî.

-On February 27, 2020, Ebu Shahir, one of the gang leaders of the Al Hamzat group, abducted a woman named Arin Deli Hesen (21) from the village of Kîmar in Sherawa. Arin is still in the hands of military police gangs.

- On May 12, 2020, a member of the Faylaq al-Sham gang group abducted a woman named Hêvin Hesen Dibso (17) from the village of Celemê in Jindires. Hêvin was forced into marriage.

-Gangs affiliated with the Turkish state abducted a woman named Valentina Arselan Mistefa (22) from the village of Derwish in Shera. Valentina, who talked to her family a year later, said she was in the town of Kafr Nubl in Idlib. The fate of Valentina, who could not contact her family again, is still unknown.

On May 29, 2020, a major clash erupted between Al-Hamzat and Ahrar al-Sham gangs. After the fighting that took place in the center of Afrin, images were released of some Kurdish women in a prison under the control of the Al-Hamzat gang group. There were 11 women and a child in the images circulated on social media. It was revealed that some of the women in the images had been abducted in 2018.

- 178 women were injured due to the intense bombardment of Afrin. Zêneb Ebdo Misto (70) was injured in her right leg and waist on June 8, 2018 since she did not allow the Turkish state and its gangs to raid her house.