17 ISIS members killed in 5 neighborhoods of Raqqa

As intense clashes continue in 5 neighbourhoods of Raqqa, 17 more members of ISIS gangs have been killed.

The Operation to Liberate Raqqa is continuing in its 75th day in all its intensity.

As result of brief clashes that erupted in Mansour neighbourhood east of Raqqa yesterday noon, 7 gang members were killed and a bomb-laden vehicle was destroyed as they tried to attack liberated positions of the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters.

Another 6 ISIS members were killed in fighting in Rashid neighbourhood east of the city.

Clashes occurred also in al-Barid neighbourhood northeast of Raqqa, where one sniper and another 3 gang members were killed.

Fierce battles continue in these 3 neighbourhoods as well as in Mirûr and Nahda neighborhoods.