Turkish army using banned weapons against guerrillas

Footage by ANF shows that cluster bombs that are banned from use in 109 countries around the world are being used by the Turkish army against guerrilla forces in the mountains of Kurdistan.

Unable to act against the actions by guerrillas, Turkish military is resorting to the use of banned weapons, mainly cluster bombs, in Kurdistan mountains in addition to intense airstrikes, mortars, howitzers, artillery, A4 and A6 weapons.

Banned around the world, cluster bombs are being used by the Turkish army in Kurdistan territory almost on a daily basis. Cluster munition involves C4 explosives and is covered with a capsule before being filled into a howitzer and fired into guerrilla zones in the form of a bombardment. The cluster bombs used by the Turkish army are mainly encountered in Zagros mountains. These bombs that have a risk of explosion in the event of a slightest vibration, are being foiled by guerrillas with methods developed with self-experience.

The footage by ANF reporters on the ground reveals the use of the banned cluster bombs by the Turkish army.