Specialist sergeants captured by HPG guerrillas speak to ANF

Ümit Gıcır and Mevlüt Kahveci, the specialist sergeants captured by HPG guerrillas in Çelê where the guerilla have control, called on the politicians and their families: “Act now to stop the bloodshed.”

The Turkish army launched one of the most extensive operations in their history in rural areas of Hakkari’s Çelê (Çukurca) district on August 30. The scope of the operation was summarized by the Turkish army officials as, “We are waging a life or death war here in Çukurca.” The soldiers went out on an operation in guerrilla-controlled areas, and were hit heavily by the guerrilla. Hundreds of soldiers were neutralized. The Turkish state claimed they had won great victories in Çelê via their media and tried to hide their losses.


The guerrilla still hold control over rural areas of Çelê, where the Turkish army claimed to win great victories but had actually suffered great blows. Them arresting specialist sergeants Ümit Gıcır and Mevlüt Kahveci and one counter-guerrilla member during a road check on the Çelê-Çolemêrg road on September 21 is a concrete example of this. The prisoners that the AKP government and the media ignore are kept under arrest in HPG Application Center.


The two captive specialist sergeants spoke to ANF. Mevlüt Kahveci and Ümit Gıcır say they thought they would be killed on the day of their capture, but they were fine now. Gıcır and Kahveci call on the politicians to act for peace and resolution. The two specialist sergeants repeatedly say “end this war now, let the blood flow no more” in their speeches and voice their distrust with the point Turkey has reached and the ongoing clashes.


The specialist sergeants sent the following message to their families: “We are fine, our health is fine. Only your efforts can save us from here. March to the parliament, meet with the President if you have to, take these steps instead of sitting around at home.”