ISIS confessor:Erdoğan supports us because he is against Kurds –PART I

ISIS member Savaş Yıldız, who had bombed the HDP buildings in Adana and Mersin and is now arrested by the YPG, made new confessions on ISIS-AKP relations and the gangs’ network in Antep, Hatay and Central Anatolia.

Savaş Yıldız, who was captured by the YPG during the ISIS attack on Girê Spi (Tel Abyad), had contributed to the exposure of the relations between ISIS and the AKP, Erdoğan and Turkey through his confessions. After Yıldız’s confessions, Turkey had launched operations in order to capture the gangs whose identities were exposed, and these operations aimed to replace the exposed gangs.

Yıldız spoke to ANF again and made even more important and striking confessions. This time, Yıldız spoke about the goals of the attacks on Girê Spi, the importance of Antep for ISIS, the special units in ISIS that work on Turkey, the routes the gangs used, the importance of Hacı Bayuncuk also known as Abu Hanzala, and the ISIS plans to punish and kill the Dam Director in Kalmış who is thought to be a member of the Gülen movement. Yıldız had participated in the Girê Spi attack, and surrendered to YPG forces when he was left stranded under a collapsed building.

We hereby publish the first part of Yıldız’s most recent confessions.

"I stayed in Manbij, Aleppo. I crossed the border through Jarablus and Elbeyli. I stayed in Tabka for nearly 2 years. Our group was called the Antep group, there were Kurds among us. There were people from Adıyaman, Urfa and Diyarbakır in the Antep group. Before we lost Girê Spi, people from Bingöl had formed a group of three people. I got caught after the attack on Girê Spi. We were coming from Raqqa with three trucks, I came with one truck that carried a group of 57 people.


Why did you attack Girê Spî?

We were at a camp in Hama, I stayed there for a month. After I left the camp, an attack was organized on Tishreen Dam. I was not part of this attack, we carried out an attack on Girê Spi a week after the attack on Tishreen Dam. We had not known about the attack. We were supposed to attack, and Girê Spi was supposed to be taken in 3-4 days. That was the plan. After the capture of Girê Spi, we had been told that immigrants were supposed to come from Turkey. For ISIS, everyone from outside is called immigrant. So everyone from Turkey, Europe, the Caucuses, and Central Asia are called immigrants. 1000 to 4000 immigrants were to wait across the border as we captured Girê Spi and enabled their passage into Syria. We received this information one day before the attack. Our military emir Muhammed Shami gave us this information. This person was approximately 40-45 years old. A person named Halit Tacik was in charge of the attack group and Ebu Muhammed Shami. Tacik had only told us that there would be a war. Muhammed Shami gave us the details of the attack two days later. He used a map to explain to us the goals of the attack. He said that 5 groups would carry out the attack, and described the different directions each group would attack from. He told us then that 3-4 days after the capture of Girê Spi, migrants would cross into Syria from Turkey. I don’t know the nationalities of these 4 thousand refugees, but there were Turks, Azeris, Chechens, Turkistanis, and Europeans among them.


What was your duty inside ISIS, where did you stay?

I was in a special unit when we ISIS had control of Girê Spi, our unit stayed in a separate house in Girê Spi. Inside ISIS, this unit is known as the special security unit. I got recruited into this unit with the help of sheria teacher Abdul Muhin from the Antep group. I met this sharia teacher in Tabka, he is a family friend of my brother in law. I met him through him, and I was recruited to the unit through his reference. This unit was composed of the people that were trusted the most, and worked exclusively on Turkey. Whenever we had a business with Turkey, we carried it out. This was our only job, and we transported warriors across the border. Our task was very serious, they put me in charge of border crossing with Turkey. The reason for this was that I did not know the relations inside Turkey, I did not know many people. They assigned me because I did not know the people in Antep and the addresses they were staying at. I knew of a few people in Antep, but I only knew their code names. I was trusted because of this, if someone that knew the relations was put in charge and captured, out unit would collapse. So only I was assigned, and I entered Turkey twice. I was on a mission each time, so I went and came back. My first mission was to kill the director of Karıkamış Dam. Our emir Abu Mushap assigned me. The reason for the mission was that Karkamış was the last dam in Turkey before the border and its water was being cut. The people did not have water. We had threatened the deputy before, he had said that he would let the water pass, but he didn’t. Our emir Abu Mushap said that we would punish him for this. This was the reason why we would kill the Dam Deputy. Our emir had told me ‘just get the address and we will take care of the rest’ as he sent me.


When I entered Turkey, I saw that we had a group in Antep. But I only saw two people from the group, they picked me up from where I was. One of them was called Eymen, and the other was Efe. They took me somewhere, and they told me to look down so that I would not see where I was going. When we got the address, Efe told me to kill the deputy. I said that I would do it and I went to kill the guy a few days later. I knocked on the door and a woman with a headscarf opened the door. She had a little child with her, and told me that the man was not at home. I withdrew because he was not home.

Approximately 2-3 months later, I was assigned to blow up the HDP offices in Mersin and Adana. The plan to bomb the two offices was made in the house we stayed at in Girê Spi. Abu Efe was in Syria by then and was staying with us. Our group was called the Turkey group. My emir Abu Mushap took me from where we were staying and we went to a house nearby. Efe came in and explained to us why these offices needed to be bombed. Efe told me that they were planning to assign me, but that I should carry out the mission no matter what happens. They even covertly threatened me and said that it would not be good for me to return without having carried out the mission.

I crossed the border for the mission, and hired a studio apartment on the road to the dam in Adana. I paid approximately 1500 Turkish lira for one month’s rent and commission. The explosives were in Antep, and I had received a 3-4 daylong training on how to place and connect the explosives. Efe gave me this training, because the two of us had crossed over to Antep for this mission. We then bombed the two party offices.