Guerrillas remain in their positions, prepared against attacks

Guerrillas deployed in the area of the ongoing Ertuş operation remain on alert in their positions, prepared against attacks from Turkish military forces.

Guerrillas affiliated to HPG (People's Defense Forces) and YJA STAR (Free Women's Troops) continue inflicting heavy blows on troops joining the operation launched by the Turkish army on Ertuş front in Zap region of Medya Defense Zones, Southern Kurdistan, on August 30.

With their committment and advanced tactics, guerrillas that joined the ranks of the Kurdish Freedom Movement from Bakûr, Bashûr, Rojhilat and Rojava Kurdistan are waging a challenging battle against the Turkish army despite its possession of modern technical means.

Performing a retaliation in kind against the Turkish troops' attacks with heavy weapons, guerrillas are both receiving training and making practice in their positions they have formed with their own means, remaining prepared and on alert against an imminent aggression.

As the Turkish military operation in Ertuş territory continues in its 55th day, ANF reporters covering the operation spoke to the guerrillas who give an immediate response to the attacks of Turkish troops.