YPG: Turkey legitimizes their attacks on Efrîn through the press

YPG Efrîn Command stated that the invading Turkish state tried to legitimize their attacks on Efrîn and Northern Syria through the press.

YPG Efrîn Command released a written statement highlighting the Turkish state’s and Turkish media outlets’ distortion of truths regarding Efrîn.

The statement is as follows;

“The Turkish state’s press makes our forces a target through allegations that our forces attack Turkish soldiers and they consequently defend themselves, in an attempt to legitimize their attacks on Efrîn and Northern Syria.

The invading Turkish army increasingly continues with their attacks on Efrîn and Northern Syria for a long while now. Once again yesterday, at between 18.30- 19.00, the invading Turkish army attacked Topal, Ikdam, Zahra villages in Efrîn’s Bilbile district with howitzer fire.  

Fighters of the YPG/YPJ (People’s/Women’s Defense Units) immediately responded to the attacks, resulting in clashes. According to information available, one Turkish soldier got wounded during the confrontation. However, the Turkish state media claimed the opposite, saying that YPG attacked the Turkish soldiers. These allegations do not reflect the truth. The attack was carried out by Turkish soldiers and our forces retaliated the attacks and defended the region’s people within the bounds of legitimate defense.

Reconnaissance and war planes of the Turkish army continue flying over Efrîn region and the Turkish army increases its preparations to invade Efrîn. As YPG, we will not stay silent on attacks. We are ready to defend our people and all Northern Syria people.”