YPG: Rojava revolution is a trailblazer for Syrian revolution

YPG celebrated the anniversary of the revolution and promised to continue their mission of ensuring the security and defense of the region.

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the Rojava revolution, the General Command of the People's Defense Units (YPG) issued a statement, which is as follows:

"The revolution of Rojava and Northern Syria, the first spark of which ignited in Kobanê on July 19, 2012, enters its seventh year. As the General Command of People's Defense Units, we congratulate all our people and bow down with deep respect before the martyrs who defended their homeland against the attacks with their blood. All achievements, the victory over terror and the building of democratic, civil society organizations could be achieved thanks to the resistance of these heroines and heroes.

Undoubtedly, the Rojava revolution has proved to be a trailblazer for the Syrian revolution and has shown it the right way. In many regions of the country, the interests of external forces were taken as basis and the internal order was ignored. As a result, the Syrian revolution came off its path and resulted in the country sinking into darkness and terror.

However, the Rojava revolution began in the face of the suffering the Kurdish people had to endure, demanding freedom and building an equal and democratic society. The model of democratic autonomy is a striking example of a revolution that is the bearer of hope for a people in search of freedom. The model was built in all regions that were freed from the reactionary forces and serves as an example to Syria, which is divided by civil war.

With the slogan "Towards a decentralized and democratic Syria", the revolution has been representing the true demands and goals of the Syrian people since its first day. Against the nation-state idea of ​​the regime, which imposed one party, one culture, one flag and one nation and blocked all pathways leading to the democratization of Syria, the July 19 revolution began to end this suffering and oppression, and it based paying regard to all segments in political, economic, administrative and social areas.

Once again we celebrate the anniversary of the revolution and promise to continue our mission of ensuring the security and defense of the region."