YPG publishes identities of Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin

YPG Press Office has released footage and images from the defeat suffered by the Turkish army and allied gangs on Hill Qada in Afrin.

Turkish officials announced the death of only three soldiers in the invasion attempt launched by the Turkish army and allied gangs against Afrin Canton of Northern Syria that is on day 5.

Footage and images published by YPG Press Office reveal that dozens of Turkish soldiers have been killed only in one location in Afrin.

The images and footage show ID Cards, driving licenses and personnel identification cards as well as arms, munitions and supplies of the soldiers and gangs, and bodies of some of those killed in the area.

The report published by YPG concerning the clashes on Hill Qada says the following;

“While the Turkish army continues to spread fabricated reports that the invasion army is making remarkable advances, the invading army and allied gangs are suffering heavy blows in Afrin. The Turkish army, unable to make an advance despite intensified aerial and ground bombardments, is targeting civilians.

The invading Turkish army which is suffering heavy defeats at the hands of YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces despite all their propaganda and war capacity with technical superiority, is hiding its losses from public opinion. While the Turkish media has announced the death of only 3 soldiers during the 5 days of battle, dozens of bodies remained in possession of Syrian Democratic Forces.

We share footage from the bodies of soldiers and gang members, all of which are with ID details, military equipment and supplies.”

According to official statements by the Turkish state, Turkish lieutenant Oğuz Kaan Usta, sergeant Musa Özalkan and infantry specialized sergeant Mehmet Muratdağı died during the five days of the operation against Afrin.

Images and footage published by YPG can be reached at: