YPG: 5 Turkish soldiers and 25 gang members killed in Efrîn

YPG Press Office reported that 5 Turkish soldiers and 25 gang members have been killed during clashes that erupted following their attacks on Efrîn.

People's Defense Units (YPG) Press Office released a statement on its official website and announced the balance sheet for three days of the attacks conducted by the Turkish army and affiliated gangs on Efrîn Canton of Rojava.

The statement by YPG Press Office is as follows:

“On 15 July 2017, from 20:00 to 23:00, gangs affiliated to the Turkish army attacked the village of Basûfanê in Efrîn's Sherawa district with mortars and the Başemrê front in Sherawa district with BKC weapons. Our forces retaliated the attacks immediately but the casualties of the enemy couldn't be clarified. The same day, gangs attacked the Girê Barîn front in Efrîn's Cindirêsê district with DShK weapons.

On 16 July 2017, at 05:00 in the morning, gangs attacked Maranez village in Shera district with howitzers. The same day, the gangs attacked the same spot with DShK weapons. The Turkish army and their gangs also attacked the Basûfanê village of Sherawa district with mortars at 08:00 on the same day. Our forces hit the gangs with heavy weaponry as they tried to form new emplacements in Başemrê front. While the gangs were stopped, the number of their casualties couldn't be clarified.

Again the same day, our forces responded to the gangs' attacks on Girê Baz region of Efrîn's Cindirêsê district with BKC weapons. On the other hand, the Turkish army opened fire on civilians in Koran village of Kobanê, leaving one civilian wounded, who was later treated by our forces.

On 17 July 2017, the Turkish army and allied gangs attacked Ayn Daqne area in Efrîn's Shera district with panzers. As result of these attacks, the gangs took prisoner one of the Syrian regime's soldiers stationed in a location under the regime control. Attempting to advance in the wake of this attack, the Turkish army and gangs faced resistance from our forces, resulting in fierce clashes during which the Turkish army and allied gangs suffered a heavy defeat and our forces started a cleaning operation in the area.

During the cleaning operation, two locations the gangs took from regime forces have been cleared of the gangs. One gang member was captured alive, 30 were killed and dozens were wounded. As much as could be verified by our side, 5 of the gang members killed here, and 9 of those wounded are Turkish soldiers. Bodies of 9 gang members killed during clashes remain in the area our forces have taken under control. Many dead and wounded gang members remained at the spot and the Turkish army has not managed to retrieve them despite all their efforts. Fighting in the area continues with heavy weaponry and individual arms.

On the other hand, the Turkish army continues its attacks on Ayn Daqne, Minnix and Belûniyê areas in Efrîn's Shera district with mortar, howitzer and Katyusha fire amid drone activities.

During these clashes, 4 of our fighters got injured, including one critically.”