YPJ: "We will turn Afrin to a graveyard for Turkish state"

YPJ Afrin Command stated that they are fighting against Turkish invasion attacks with great will and that they will defend Afrin with the spirit of Kobanê.

Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) Afrin Command has issued a written statement on the 6th day of the Afrin resistance, dubbed the “Great Resistance of the Age”, and said they have defeated the Turkish army.

The YPJ statement says, “Today marks the 6th day of the invading Turkish army and their gangs constantly attacking Afrin’s borders. In the face of these vile attacks, as the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) and the whole of the people of Afrin, we display a historic resistance and respond with a great will. We will bury the Turkish state and their gangs in Afrin, and we will make them regret they ever came.”


The statement says there have been intense clashes in Afrin city and its districts Shera, Bilbile, Mabeta, Cindirese, Shiye, Reco and Sherawa and the surrounding villages in the last 5 days, and that the invading Turkish state attacks like terrorists with jets, tanks and artilleries to enter Afrin city, but is defeated when faced with the harsh response from fighters.


The statement continues with the following:

“Intense clashes in all areas still continue. The Turkish gangs have suffered great losses in these, but they are covering up their losses. Their press has published lies that we have hundreds of casualties. In the last 5 days of war, 7 of our fighters have been martyred. 2 of them were martyred in air strikes and 5 comrades were martyred fighting heroically.

With great morale, together with the mothers, the HPC, the Asayish forces and the people, our forces defend the lands shoulder to shoulder in the Afrin resistance and continue to resist. As the YPJ, we promise to defend our lands and our people to the end. This promise will be our vengeance, and our stance will increase the resistance.”