US withdraws its troops in Makhmur to Hewler

The US troops stationed in Makhmur have also retreated after Hashd al-Shaabi took the control of the town from peshmerga forces.

The US troops stationed in Makhmur town of Mosul have retreated to Hewler (Erbil) Wednesday evening after peshmerga forces withdrew and handed over the control of the town to Hashd al-Shaabi militia. The US troops reportedly blew up the base before their evacuation and withdrawal to the surroundings of Hewler next to the peshmerga forces.

The US military base in Makhmur was constructed before the operation to liberate Mosul and an undisclosed number of US special forces were stationed there.

On the other hand, internet services were cut off in Makhmur area in the evening hours following the withdrawal of the US forces.