Turkmen fighter: We are defending Afrin together

Arabs, Turkmens, Ezidis and Alevis are on the frontlines alongside the Kurds in the defense of Afrin. One of the Turkmen fighters, Kawa Welat says; “We built a life together with the Kurds, Arabs and other folks. Now we are defending it together.”

All the peoples of Northern Syria are on the frontlines in Afrin which is targeted by the invading Turkish army and allied jihadist gangs for one month now. Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen, Ezidi and Alevi fighters are all giving a challenging struggle in the battle against invading forces.

One of the Turkmen fighters is 27 years old Kawa Welat. His three siblings are fighting on other fronts of Rojava.

Welat says all peoples are targeted in the attacks against Afrin. He tells that his family was living in Shehba region before moving to Turkey due to the atrocity of the so-called Free Syrian Army. “They couldn’t make it in Turkey either, so they came back to Afrin. Me and my three siblings joined the YPG afterwards.”

He continues; “After coming to these lands, we built a life together with the Kurds, Arabs and other folks. Now, we are defending this life together. We are defending our land and country against invading forces. We will resist here until the end.”

Welat points out that the peoples’ embracement of their resistance makes it even more meaningful.

Remarking that Afrin is resisting for all the peoples of Syria, Welat says Turkmens are participating in this fight because they consider themselves a part of this system. He notes that they are resisting together with other folks from Jindires to Sherawa.