Turkish state and their gangs now pillage the wheat in Afrin

The Turkish state and their allied gangs continue their inhumane attacks in Afrin, and are now pillaging the croplands in the city.

The invading Turkish state and their allied gangs that started looting Afrin after they entered the city with technological warfare and barbaric attacks continue their immoral attacks against the people who reject the invasion. Turkish soldiers and their gangs abduct, rape and murder the people of Afrin and have now started to pillage the croplands that belong to the citizens.

Gangs brought in harvesters to Shera’s Cudêd village on May 5 and confiscated the crops they harvested from some 50 hectares of land. The names of citizens whose fields the gangs confiscated are:

1. Şûkrî Reşo kurê Reşîd                 

2. Îmad Reşo kurê Îbrahîm

3. Xelîl Reşo kurê Reşîd                 

4. Merwan Reşo kurê Îbrahîm

5. Şukrî Hec Ezet                               

6. Hesen Hec Ezet

7. Fewzî hec Ezet                                

8. Mihemed Hec Ezet

9. Cîhad Reşo kurê Fewzî                 

10. Rebîeʹ Reşo hevjîna Fewzî Reşo