Turkish army bombs Afrin city centre - UPDATE III

Turkish army bombed Afrin’s Ashrafiyah neighborhood, killing one and wounding at least 12 people, on Wednesday.

Turkish artillery hit Ashrafiyah neighborhood in Afrin city center on Wednesday. One person killed and twelve people, including two women and two children, were wounded in the attack.

Avrin Hospital identified 11 of the wounded as Mıhemed Ehmed Eliko (75), Ekrem Eliko (45), Arhat Eliko (9), Emine Ebdulla Ferec (50), Mihemed Ehmed Eliko (10), Gule Mihemed Xelil (40), Eli Ekrem Eliko (40), Izet Şex Muda (58), Ebdo Musa (11), Ehmed Şukri (39), Helime Ehmed Mengawi (70). 


Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) sources also report heavy fighting in Bilbile district between SDF and the Turkish army.

Turkish army and its gangs launched an operation on Qurne village and Sexurze hill near Bilbile on Wednesday morning.

As the heavy fighting goes on between SDF and the Turkish army, Turkish warplanes bombed Bilbile district center. Locals say that there are casualties but no detailed information could be gathered about the exact number.