Turkey and Syria prepare for an embargo and attack on Rojava

Turkey and the Baath regime are preparing for a joint attack on Shehba and Efrîn.

The Baath regime instated an embargo by closing off the Aleppo road, while the Turkish state started dispatching heavy weapons like tanks, artilleries and Howitzers and infatry units to the area.

Turkey’s plans failed in Raqqa, and now they are preparing for a joint attack on Efrîn and Shehba with the Syrian Baath regime.

The Turkish state moved heavy weapons like artilleries, mortars, tanks and Howitzers in large numbers for a possible attack on Shehba and Efrîn. The heavy weapons taken to Syrian territory were positioned in regions with a border to Shehba, like Marea, Tel Circir, Ershab, Akhtarin and Azaz. According to local sources, the Turkish state and the Syrian Baath regime prepared these stockpiles to invade areas like Tel Rıfat, Der Jamal Minix, Ehraz, Tal Hasıl and Tal Aran.


In preparation for the attack, as Turkey buils headquarters in Azaz and Marea, the Syrian Baath Regime closed off the Aleppo-Efrin road at Nubul and Zahra villages, thus instating an embargo on Efrîn. Local sources say that Efrîn residents trying to use the road are being arrested, on top of the road being closed.

Dispatching heavy weapons to the region shows that Turkey’s goal is not just Tal Rıfat, Der Jamal and Minix. They want to attack the regions they want to invade with the tanks, panzers and mortars, but they have positioned the Howitzers and other long-range weapons to bomb Efrîn center.


Residents of Efrîn and Shehba are angry that the Turkish state and the Baath regime are seemingly preparing for an invasion and that the Aleppo-Efrin road is closed.

A resident of Efrîn who wishes to remain anonymous said they helped Nubul and Zahra residents in the harshest of times, when they were under siege from 2012 to 2016 and were under threat of a massacre. The citizen said they gave the people of Nubul and Zahra their own bread, and said the following in protest:

“Nubul and Zahra were under siege for 8 months in 2012. In this 8 months, our people braved death and provided them with medicine, food, etc. If it wasn’t for our aid, they couldn’t have lasted a day. We did what we believe to be our humanitarian duty. We don’t want appreciation for that. But now our road is being closed and our people who go out are arrested, and this is done on demand of the Turkish state. But it was the Turkish state itself that declared the people of Nubul and Zahra enemies and worked to have them beheaded. The Turkish state’s gangs had surrounded them and they wanted to behead them. So what happened to turn them into friends with the Turkish state and enemies with us?”


Russia hasn’t made any comments yet on the Turkish state stockpiling forces in the region. The people of the region believe that the reason why Russia is silent in the face of stockpiling and cutting off roads is that they are involved in this plan. The people of Efrîn and Shehba believe this is an agreement between Turkey, Syria and Russia. The people of Efrîn and Shehba declared that they won’t allow Russia in their territory if they partake in these attacks by staying silent.