TEV-DEM: People of Syria should stand against Turkish invasion

Movement for Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) called upon the people of Syria to stand against Turkish state’s invasion attacks on Afrin.

The umbrella organization of political movements and NGO’s in the northern Syria, TEV-DEM (Movement for Democratic Society) released a statement on recent attacks and threats by the Turkish state. TEV-DEM called upon the Kurdish people and Syrian society to stand against the Turkish invasion attacks on Afrin and urged the international society to provide security for the people of Afrin.

“The Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin canton is a threat to all peoples of Syria. The invasion threats on Afrin contains harm for everyone” TEV-DEM said.

The organization pointed out that the Turkish attacks came at a time when the Northern Syria’s Democratic Federation came to life.  TEV-DEM accused Turkey of undermining the international efforts to solve the Syrian crisis.

“People’s Defense Units (YPG), Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are acting within the frame of self-defence. The duty of these forces is to protect the peoples of Northern Syria. Because of the war in Syria three cantons host more than 2.5 million refugees and their security also should be maintained” TEV-DEM said.

TEV-DEM condemned Turkish attacks against the people of Afrin and its cities and said that Syrian people should know that Turkey wants to divide Syria.

“The occupying military powers want to occupy Afrin and Manbij by bombing these areas. We want to emphasize that Afrin is not alone. We call upon all Kurdish and Syrian people to raise their voices with actions and act to stop the attacks against Northern Syria. Afrin is capable of repelling the attacks” the statement read.