Syriac Party official: Peoples were liberated with Öcalan’s ideas

Syriac Unity Party Heseke branch official Gabriel Şemûn stated that peoples have been liberated with Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas and called on international forces to pressure the Turkish government to reveal Öcalan’s situation.

Syriac Unity Party Heseke branch official Gabriel Şemûn spoke to ANHA about the Turkish state’s approach towards Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Şemûn stressed that Öcalan has created his nation philosophy over the peoples living together and stated that with Öcalan’s philosophy, a joint project that appeals to all groups has been developed. He added: “We as the Syriac Unity Party support Leader Öcalan’s philosophy.”

Gabriel Şemûn said the following on the aggravated isolation imposed upon the Kurdish leader: “Öcalan has already been in isolation for years. And for several years now, he hasn’t been allowed to meet with his family or lawyers. We are calling on international powers to pressure the Turkish state to clarify Öcalan’s situation and to allow him visits with his family and lawyers.”

Şemûn said Öcalan’s situation is very important for them and continued: “Peoples have achieved freedom thanks to Leader Öcalan’s ideas and philosophy. The Kurdish people and all circles should defend the Democratic Nation philosophy. We support this philosophy, which is the end of the centralist dictatorship mindset.”