SDF statement on clashes in Afrin canton

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement on clashes in the last 24 hours in Afrin canton.

The press center of SDF released a detailed statement on the clashes between SDF fighters and Turkish army in Afrin canton.

The statement read as follows:


The invader Turkish army bombed homes and school building in Meydanke village in Shera district at 03h00 on Tuesday.

The water treatment plant, which provides clean water for the canton, was bombed by Turkish army. The plant was repaired by engineers.


SDF forces destroyed a military vehicle near Hemame village at 03h00.

The invader Turkish army bombed the area and Martyr Seydo Cemetary on Wednesday morning.

The Turkish army and its gangs were targeted and hit by SDF forces.


The villages of Rajo were bombed by Turkish artillery until the early hours of Wednesday. Civilian areas were hit during the bombardment.

The Turkish army and its gangs launched an attempt to advance in Bablika village and as SDF forces respond, invader army had to retreat to its original positions.


The villages of Sharawa were attacked by invader Turkish army at 10h00 on Wednesday morning.


After suffering heavy losses, Turkish army and its gangs are attacking Sheikhorze village since Tuesday evening. Heavy fighting erupted as SDF forces responded and dozens of casualties reported on the Turkish side.

During Turkish bombardment of the region, the army used an unknown weapon. Many of our fighters had difficulty in breathing. It’s reported that 20 Turkish gang members were also affected by the bombing.

Our forces launched simultaneous actions against Turkish military positions in Sheikhhorze and Tobala villages. Both positions were cleared of invaders and the enemy suffered many casualties.

Our forces also cleared Baxice village of the invaders.

Five Turkish soldiers and gangs were killed during the fighting in Kure Hill and SDF fighters found 20 more bodies in the area.