Raqqa's tribes express support to Democratic Federation elections

Leaders and opinion leaders of tribes from Raqqa expressed their support to the elections be held in the Democratic Northern Syria Federation this year.

On the occasion of the upcoming elections in the Democratic Northern Syria Federation an extensive convention was held in the village of Şêx Hesen 60 km south of Girê Spî Canton, with the attendance of the regional tribe leaders and opinion leaders.

Among the participants were Democratic Autonomous Administration Co-presidents Hemdan El-Ebid and Zelîxe Ebdî, Raqqa Civil Council Co-chair Leyla Mistefa and Council members, SDF General Affairs Bureau official Ferhan Hec İs, as well as opinion leaders of the tribes of Henade, Neîm, Bo Esaf, Begare and the representative of the Kurdish tribes Şêx Heyatî Kurdo.

Democratic Autonomous Administration Co-president Hemdan El-Ebid made the opening speech and welcomed the attendees, stressing that elections served the organization of a free life and democratic ideas.

Ebid stressed the leading role played by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the campaign to liberate Raqqa, and continued with assessments on the gathering of all tribes under one roof.

Speaking after, Democratic Autonomous Administration Co-president Zelîxe Ebdî underlined the active role played by women in the elections in Democratic Northern Syria Federation, and in the operation for Raqqa's liberation.

SDF General Affairs Bureau official Ferhan Hec Îs also spoke and called on all the people of Raqqa to support the SDF forces.

During the course of the convention and discussions, the regional tribes expressed their support to federation elections.