Poisonous gases used in Afrin threaten public health

Emine Eliko from Afrin is having trouble breathing due to the poison gas attacks by the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs. Doctors say Eliko is at cancer risk.

The invading Turkish army used various heavy weapons as well as banned poison gases in the invasion attacks they launched on January 20. Many residents of the city got sick due to traces left behind by the weapons.

Emine Eliko is at risk for throat cancer due to the poison gases.

Eliko said the following on her experience: “My house is in the Mehmudiye neighborhood of Afrin. I had to keep the windows open due to the Turkish state’s artillery fire. One day, after the fire, a bad smell came over and I lost my voice.

Eliko went to Heyva Sor a Kurd after losing her voice, and was sent to see doctors in Aleppo as she got worse. Doctors in Aleppo told her her vocal chords had been damaged due to exposure to poison gas and that she risks getting throat cancer if she doesn’t receive treatment.

Emine Eliko’s treatment continues under medical supervision.