People of Qamishlo in solidarity with South Kurdistan people

Turkey is doing in South Kurdistan what it did in Rojava.

Condemning the occupation attacks of the Turkish state against South Kurdistan, the people of Qamishlo said that they would stand by the people of South Kurdistan in any way they can.

54-year-old Adila Mihemed compared Turkey’s attacks on Kurdish lands to a hungry wolf, and added: “Turkey was carrying out attacks on Rojava on a daily basis, but in the end they lost. Today, they are doing the same in South Kurdistan. Erdogan will end up in South Kurdistan as he ended up in Rojava, losing”.

Mihemed said that the people of Rojava will support the “people of South Kurdistan with whatever is in our hands” and remarked that Erdogan would not be able to break the will of the people with his barbaric attacks. Kurds, she said, are one and everyone knows that we will continue our struggle till the last Kurd.

Need for a National Congress increasing

Shamsedin Alan, who stated that the Turkish state had attacked these lands because it was afraid of the gains achieved by Kurds, pointed out that Kurds will resist until the end against the attackers.

Indicating that the Kurds will eventually defeat attacks through unity, Alan said: "When the Kurdish people show unity, they will not attack at all. The importance of the National Congress is increasing by the day”.

Hecî Mehmud emphasized that the Turkish state has been attacking the Kurdish freedom struggle for 40 years and in fact has not been able to make any progress in 40 years. “The ENKS forces betrayed Kurds in Afrin and today the KDP is betraying Kurds South Kurdistan. History will never forget this and will punish them”.