People of Kobanê protest the international plot against Öcalan

A mass demonstration was held in Kobanê in protest at the international plot against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan that started in October 9 when he was forced to leave Syria.

The massive protest march was attended by thousands of residents of Kobanê and Sirîn towns, members of civil society organisations, Asayish and Self Defence Forces as well as YPG and YPJ fighters. The march started at the 48th Avenue and turned into a huge meeting at the Free Woman's Square.

The meeting commenced with a commemoration of the freedom martyrs. Afterwards former Co-chair of PYD, Saleh Moslem delivered a speech, in which he remarked that the Kurdish people never ceased their struggle for the freedom of their Leader from the first day of the international plot against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Moslem stressed that the currently witnessed fraternity and co-existence of the peoples in the region was the product of the ideas and philosophy of Öcalan.

Speaking after, women's movement Kongreya Star executive member Şîlan Ehmed said: "We declare today loudly that we will carry on our protests in all four parts of Kurdistan to free our Leader. Leader Apo has become the Leader of humanity throughout the world."

The demonstration ended with slogans demanding freedom for Öcalan and condemning the international plot.