People of Afrin stick to the commune system

Afrin people in Shehba have reproduced the commune system in their new environment.

The Rojava Revolution has brought with it, among other things, the communal system. Afrin people, like the other peoples in Rojava have set up communes as a basic network orgsanisation to respond to all needs of life as well as favouring the common work. 

This way of organising allowed Afrin people to play a key role in overcoming the difficulties linked to the de facto embargo in place since 2014 and later when the Resistance of the Age began to face off attacks by the Turkish army and its mercenary allies.

Now the people of Afrin, who were forced to leave their houses and settled in Shehba have reproduced the communal systems on their own initiative and have set up 35 communes already.

Afrin people have created communes according to the needs of the region they are now living in, have elected executives and put in place commune services, together with peace, visits, census, education, women and defense committees.

There are 3 members in each of the committees to guarantee the functioning in a common mode.

Among the committees, the service committee certainly plays an important role in organizing and creating awareness. The service committee is working to solve the people's problems and needs for clean water and electricity, while at the same time it is collaborating with the people's municipalities to find solutions to the problems of the residents.

The committee came up with a solution to the sewage problem that has arisen in many villages of Shehba. The sewage network had been damaged due to the conflict in the region.

In the peace committees, the problems that are experienced or have emerged among citizens are dealt with and solved on a peaceful and mutual agreement basis.

Members of the other committees are visiting the people of Afrin every day in Shehba.

These visits help to keep the morale of the citizens high and at the same time they are an opportunity to talk about the latest developments in the region with the families.

This committee plays an important role in raising public awareness on the dirty war carried out by the invading Turkish state.

Ehdas Xedîce Ibo, one of the members of the Commune, told ANHA that the people of Afrin had been organized in communes for 7 years.

Cuma Welî, a member of the visiting committee, said that the commune system has a significant influence on the organization of the Afrin people and added that working in a communitarian manner can be something that could be reproduced all over Syria.