One civilian killed as invaders clash in Afrin

Clash between the invading mercenaries in Afrin claimed the life of a civilian and left two others wounded.

Afrin Canton of Northern Syria remains under the occupation of the Turkish state and allied mercenaries that continue their inhumane and brutal acts against civilians who remained in the city and its villages despite the occupation.

Gang groups Hamzat and Shihetat had a quarrel over sharing the goods they had looted in a shop in Afrin city centre. The quarrel turned into an armed clash, during which civilians passing by the scene were targeted. One civilian died and two others got wounded as a result.

On the other hand, Turkish-allied mercenaries kidnapped civilian Lezgîn Îbo (35) as he was working in his field in Kurzêlê village in Afrin’s Sherawa district. The gangs also seized the car of îbo’s brother and asked for 1000 dollars ransom from his family to release him.