Olive trees in Afrin in danger

Due to the displacement of the population and the looting of agricultural vehicles by the militia, no agricultural work can be carried out in Afrin this spring.

According to the Agricultural Committee of Afrin, there are at least 14 million olive trees in Afrin. A large part of the population of Afrin lives from olive growing, which plays an important role in supplying the region with olives and olive oil. The olive groves, which were cultivated by the peasants with great difficulty, can now not be worked or irrigated because of the Turkish occupation although spring is coming.

Due to the displacement of the population and the theft of agricultural vehicles, the olive groves in Afrin cannot be cared for according to the season. The population cannot weed or care for the trees. The co-chair of the Afrin Agriculture Committee, Selah Îbo, said the trees are facing withering due to lack of irrigation.