Jaysh al-Thuwar Commander: We are fighting alongside YPG/YPJ

Revolutionary Forces Commander: “Do not heed the Turkish media and their followers. The Army of Revolutionaries is taking place in the defense of Afrin alongside YPG and YPJ.”

Pro-Russia websites are also spreading the fabricated reports published by the Turkish warmongering media to legitimize the invasion operation against Afrin.

Sputnik news published a news article on Sunday, citing Al Mastar, and said; “Jaysh al-Thuwar, one of the biggest groups within the Syrian Democratic Forces, has changed sides and joined the Turkish-backed forces”.

Jaysh al-Thuwar (Army of Revolutionaries) Commander Hecî Ehmed refuted the fabricated media report that they have parted from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and took sides with Turkish-backed groups.

Ehmed said; “The news reports targeting Jaysh al-Thuwar have nothing to do with truth, they are completely fabricated.”

Jaysh al-Thuwar commander continued; “This storm encircles us as well. We are acting together with the other defense forces in Afrin. We have lived in these lands together for years and we are fighting shoulder to shoulder against the enemy. Our struggle continues. We will keep on fighting in the future, too. Statements made on our behalf are counter activities of the enemy and are nothing but a lie. They actually need such lies. They want to give morale to their side and demoralize our people.”