International volunteers join mass mobilization to defend Afrin

The international volunteers of YPG announced that they would join the mobilization to defend Afrin. The fighters have arrived in Afrin to join the resistance.

The fighters from all over the world, who joined the fight against ISIS for years, announced that they would respond the call to mobilize by Afrin local administration. Fighters stated that they will not stay silent while Afrin is being attacked by Turkish occupation army. “We’ve been fighting against ISIS terrorism for years. No one should expect us to stay silent when the territories saved from ISIS with blood is being invaded.''

Thousands of fighters announced before that they would attend the mobilization for Afrin. The internationalist volunteers’ units, who recently arrived in Afrin Canton, in a press release said they would join the resistance against Turkey. “The world has turned a blind eye to Afrin. Nobody knows what really is going on here. But we are determined to protect our soil. No matter it is against ISIS terrorism or Turkey’s state terrorism.” Said Tolhildan, French volunteer fighter.

Another group of foreign fighters had gone to Afrin to join the fight against Turkish occupation army and its jihadists.