Heseke Municipality promptly responds to citizens' demands

Green areas to be cleaned up and delivered to citizens.

In the first years of the Syrian crisis, the people in Heseke had to face a serious problem with fuel, especially during the winter. 

Thus they found themselves forced to burn the trees in the parks in place of fuel. 

The once green areas, left without trees, are now being used as garbage dumps.

The residents of the city have now decided that the green areas should be established once again. Therefore they have gone to the Heseke People's Municipality and asked for a replacement of trees and green areas.

Mehmud Hisên, a city resident, told the municipality his desire. 

"We asked the People's Municipality to clean those areas and establish new playgrounds for children, repair pavements and put up park lights”.

Xalet Ehmo, one of the residents from Nasre neighborhood, asked to the municipality to plant trees in the parks and open playgrounds for children, so they can get off the streets and play in adequate places. 

Cihan Xelîl, an executive at the Heseke Public Municipality Environment Department, explained to ANHA that there are 5 parks in the city centre. Unfortunately, he said, some residents use the parks as rubbish damp which is why the parks are dirty.

"We believe that the Municipality of Heseke will protect the common spaces together with the residents. - he said - We will certainly do our part, and respond to people’s demands as soon as possible”.