Heavy fighting in Bilbile and Sharawa

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) sources report heavy fighting between its fighters and Turkish army in Afrin’s Bilbile and Sharawa districts.

According to the sources heavy fighting continues since Tuesday night and Turkish army suffered heavy losses during its attempts to advance in both Bilbile and Sharawa fronts.


Turkish warplanes bombed Marete village near Afrin city center on Tuesday night. Kokobe village is also targeted with howitzers.

Fighting between SDF and Turkish army continues in the area.


Local sources report violent clashes near Basile village of Sharawa district. SDF said that a Turkish panzer and a military vehicle were seized and several Turkish soldiers and gang members were killed during the clashes.

Meanwhile, Turkish warplanes bombed several locations in the area.


Heavy fighting and intense airstrikes were reported in Afrin’s Bilbile district. Locals say that Turkish army’s attempts to advance were all foiled by YPG/YPJ fighters.


Turkish artillery bombed Meydanke village on Wednesday as the army forces launched another attempt to advance in the area.