Fighters retaliate Turkish state's attacks on Efrîn and Shehba

Turkish army and their allied gangs have attacked Efrîn and Shehba with heavy weapons and YPG/YPJ and the Revolutionary Forces retaliated.

Reports say the Turkish army has carried out artillery attacks on the Meranaz and Vilat Al Qadi villages in Efrîn'a Shera district and also attacked the Basufane, Beiye and Heyder Burcu villages in the Sherawa district with tanks and artilleries while YPG/YPJ retaliated these attacks originating from Azaz and the Semane Fortress.

Turkey’s allied gangs attacked the Birc Sileman village and Barin Hill in the Sherawa district of Efrîn with mortars and DShK guns. The gangs also atatcked the Zilan River area in the Cindires district.


Invading Turkish army’s gangs settled in Mari town, Kelcebrin village and Azaz attacked Til Midîq, Herbel, Şêx Îsa, Wehşiyê and Til Rifad and the hamlet between Efrîn’s Der Cemal villages and Shehba’s Kefirnaya village with heavy weapons, missiles and mortars. The Revolutionary Forces retaliated, and then downed a scout plane that belonged to Turkey’s gangs in Shehba’s Elqemiye village.

Civilian residential zones suffered great material damage in the Turkish state’s and their allied gangs’ attacks.


Turkish state’s gangs also attacked the Semuqa village yesterday evening, and the clashes that ensued between the Revolutionary Forces and the gangs continued into the morning hours.