Events of day 11 in the invasion attacks against Afrin

On day 11 of the ISIS collaborator Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin, the Resistance of the Age fighters don’t let fascism pass.

The aerial and terrestrial attacks against Afrin by the ISIS collaborator Turkish President RTE and the FSA alliance derived from ISIS-Nusra continue on day 11. The racist-jihadist alliance has mobilized all their resources to invade Afrin, and have resorted to bombing civilians with fighter jets and land attacks when they failed to advance in the face of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resistance.

Erdoğan and his gangs have a massacre list that includes Alevis who survived the Dersim massacre and sought refuge in Afrin, Armenians who fled the 1915 genocide and victims of war who live in refugee camps. This list shows that the attack against Afrin is the continuation of a historic vengeance against the peoples.

Erdoğan has collaborated with looting, rapist groups gathered under the titles Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) throughout his term in power and is now attempting to push Kurds out of Afrin through civilian massacres and to turn the city into a new hub for terrorist organizations.

With this goal, the gangs that were brought to Afrin from Idlib, Hatay, Mersin, Kilis an Ankara and the Turkish army are attacking historic monuments from Afrin’s ancient past in the targeted civilian residential areas with ISIS’ methods. The attack against human heritage by ISIS, who destroyed the Palmyra ancient city, continues with the bombings of the historic Nebî Hûrî tomb in Afrin’s Shera district and the Selahaddîn Eyûbî Mosque in Jindires.

On day 11 of the invasion attack against Afrin by the racist-jihadist alliance, the Resistance of the Age fighters are not letting fascism through. Contrary to the Turkish special war media’s claims, in Afrin center and the Jindirese, Mabata, Shera, Sherawa, Rajo and Bilbile districts, SDF fighters have displayed a historic resistance for days and delivered heavy blows to the AKP-Al Qaeda coalition.

The events of day 11 of the resistance are as follows:


In the Xelil village of Afrin’s Shiye district, intense clashes broke out between SDF fighters and the invading Turkish army while the area was bombed by jet fighters.


Intense clashes also broke out in the Mamela village in the Rajo region and fighter jets and scout planes flew over the village.

Turkish fighter jets had been bombing the area last night.


The Bilbile district’s surroundings were bombed by fighter jets and mortars last night.


The Dersane village and its surrounding residential areas in the Shera district were targeted by airstrikes last night.

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters retaliated and clashes broke out in many locations.


Intense clashes continued through the day in the Hemam village of Jindirese between the invading Turkish army and their gangs and the SDF fighters.

SDF Press Center issued a statement at night and said the invasion attack was pushed back and the village was taken under control by their forces.


Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) Press Center member Avrin Mahsum was martyred as she was monitoring the clashes in the Rajo district.

Avrin Mahsum had been documenting the attacks against Afrin and the resistance with her camera, and was martyred while she was following clashes in the Rajo countryside on January 27.

Another YPJ Press Center member Aras Mahsum who was also following the resistance in Afrin was seriously wounded yesterday Aras Mahsum’s situation remains critical.


YPG General Command has issued a statement on the martyrdom of Avesta Xabur and said, “Afrin will resist until victory. Avesta Xabur will be the name of this resistance.”

YPG stated that Afrin has taken over the torch of resistance from Kobanê and is being lit by the blood of heroic martyrs today: “With the blood of the martyrs, an epic is being written against invaders and terrorists. Today many heroes go to the free heavens with their sacrifice on Afrin’s lands once again. The Resistance of the Age has entered the second week and continues against the Turkish army and their gangs in a sacrificial resistance.


TEV-DEM Executive Council Co-chair Aldar Xelîl spoke about the invasion attacks against Afrin on the 10th day and stated that the Turkish state wants to revive ISIS, defeated in Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and other locations, with a new identity in Afrin.

TEV-DEM Executive Council Co-chair Aldar Xelîl spoke about the attacks by the Turkish state and the jihadist gangs within them on the 11th day of the attack and said: “The second largest army in NATO, with all the technology it has, hasn’t been able to take one village in ten days. This shows that there is a historic resistance in Afrin and the Turkish state stands no chance of success.”