Conditions in the northern Syrian Ayn-Isa camp worsening

Due to the limited opportunities and the lack of outside support, the administration of the northern Syrian town of Ayn Isa is unable to solve the infrastructural problems in the camp. The health risk in the camp therefore increases.

Inhabitants of the refugee camp in the district of Ayn Isa (Bozanê) in the city of Tal Abyad (Girê Spî) complain about the lack of completion of the work on the sewers. Due to the massive rains, swamps and stagnant water have formed in the two-square-kilometer area, causing a bad smell and spread of infectious diseases.

Osman Bozan, co-chair of Ayn Isa's Services Committee, said they are using limited resources to quench the stagnant waters: "The stagnant waters were created in a low-lying area. The water is on the road between Ayn Isa, Manbij and Cizirê and threatens to damage this road."

Celal El Eyaf of the service committee of the camp reports that the aid organizations have left the work on a sewage system incomplete. El Eyaf demands that they take their responsibilities and continue their work.