Clash between Bubena tribe and Ahrar al-Sham gangs in Afrin

Gang groups backed by Turkey continue their atrocities against civilians in occupied Afrin.

Arab tribes that first remained silent on the invasion of Afrin are starting to raise their voices now and opposing the invaders who engage in theft, looting, rape, abduction and torture against civilians.

Armed clash erupted in Afrin after Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sham gangs seized the construction equipment of a family from Bubena tribe on Thursday.

During the clashes around the petrol station in Ashrafiya neighborhood, three gang members have been killed.

While the family of Casim Benawî managed to take back their construction equipment, local sources report that fighting between the tribe and gang members continues in some areas. Tensions remain high in the neighborhood and the city centre.

Tensions were high between the occupation forces and Bubena tribe in early June when 5 members of the tribe were killed by the invaders. During the fighting that erupted because of the invading forces’ inhumane acts such as repression, massacre, looting and theft, Turkish state mobilized reconnaissance and fighter jets over the lands belonging to the tribe.  

A source from Derbelut village in Afrin’s Jindires district stated that another fighting erupted between the Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya, al-Jabha al-Shamiya and Ahrar al-Sham gangs over sharing the properties they stole from the civilian population.

The same source reported that clash broke out as al-Jabha al-Shamiya gangs attempted to head towards Idlib after confiscating civilians’ properties. A number of gang members from both sides got wounded and there is an ambulance activity in the region.