Attacks on Efrîn and Shehba continue

Due to bombardments by the occupying Turkish army and affiliated gangs on Efrîn and Shehba Cantons, the property and houses of the people are inflicted damage.

Last night, the occupying Turkish army and affiliated gangs carried out artillery attacks on Basûfanê village of Efrîn's Shêrawa district.

Gangs positioned in Etma town of Idlib shelled Dêrbelût village in Efrîn’s Cindirês district at 05.00. The houses and properties of the civilians got damaged as a result.

On the other hand, the occupying Turkish army and gangs acting under their command shelled the villages of Belûniye, Ayn Daqna, Mer Enaz and Minix in Efrîn Canton's Shera district from their positions in Azaz.

Fighters of the YPJ and YPG responded to the attacks and targeted the bases used by the Turkish army and affiliated gangs, but no information could be obtained on their casualties.

The Turkish army and allied gangs stationed in Marî town shelled the villages of Hesiya and Semûqa in Shehba Canton with mortars and howitzers, and damaged the homes of the people.