Attacks on Afrin in 2017

The Turkish military attacked the Afrin canton 576 times in 2017, killing dozens of civilians and causing major property damage to settlements.

In 2017 Turkish army intensified its attacks against Afrin canton. Dozens of civilians were killed in the attacks and several hundred were wounded. Thousands of olive trees were destroyed by the military and 240 hectares of agricultural land was burned down.

People's Defence Units (YPG), Women’s Defence Units (YPJ) and the Revolutionary forces killed 301 Turkish soldiers and militiamen in the region.

Here is the chronology of attacks against Afrin canton:


January 12: The Turkish military invaded a part of Ereb Cuma village’s territory and destroyed 600 olive trees. Turkish army moved 250 metres inside the Syrian soil.

January 15 and 16: The Turkish military built a wall on the border near Qermeti village in Şiye and destroyed 4,014 olive trees.

January 22: The Turkish military moved 300 meters inside the Syrian soil near Kurdo village in Bilbile and began to build a wall. January 25, the Turkish military invaded another 600 meters into the area of the village Ekidama and destroyed 200 trees.


February 6: Turkish military and militias attacked the villages of Qetme, Merenaz and Belun simultaneously. A vehicle of the militia and a bulldozer were destroyed by the YPG. Another militia bulldozer was destroyed in the next day.

February 8: Turkish military invaded Kurdo village in Bilbile and destroyed 130 trees.

February 10: Cemîl Ebdulqadir, 16, Izet Şukrî, 16, and Ehmîn Kemal, 25, from Afrin, were detained at the border by the Turkish army.

February 28: Mehmed Ebdullah Xezma, Ehmed Xezma and nine-month-old baby Emira Xezme were killed in Hezhim Şehba village in a mine explosion which was planted by Turkish military and its militias.


March 3: Turkish military, together with militias, attacked the village of Meranaz near Şera. A member of the militia was killed.

March 7: According to a statement by the YPG on March 7, 40 Turkish soldiers, accompanied by reconnaissance flights, entered the area of Ferferka village in the Raco region. Due to the intervention of the YPG a Turkish soldier was injured and a reconnaissance vehicle of the Turkish military was shot down.

March 21: Turkish military attacked various villages in the district of Şiye and Cindires with howitzers. Over 300 artillery shells fell in the area and four villagers were injured.

March 23: Turkish military occupied an 11-hectare area of Baliye and Tobel villages in Bilbile. 400 olive trees and 120 other trees were destroyed.

March 27: Turkish military attacked Merenaz, Mlikiye and Velat El Qadi villages. YPG destroyed a Turkish tank during the clashes.

March 30: Turkish military and militia attacked the Şehba area. Revolutionary forces killed 5 militiamen and 40 were injured. The following day, Turkish army attacked Sed El-Şehba, Qol Sıruc, Um Ho, Eyn Deqne, Til Rifat and Şex İsa villages. The Revolutionary forces destroyed a heavy machine gun pickup during the clashes.


April 4: Turkish militias attacked villages in Şehba. The Revolutionary forces repelled the attack and a vehicle of the militias was destroyed.

April 5: Militias of the Turkish military stationed in Mari and Til Malid attacked Hoş, Qol Süruc, Til Mediq, Semoqe and Hisiye villages with tanks, among other things. During the defence by the Revolutionary forces seven loyal militiamen were killed.

April 11: Turkish military attacked Um Hoş village in Şehba with artillery. The bombing injured four people.

April 15: Turkish military bombed Baliya village in Bilbile and injured Horo Mihemed with two bullets on his legs.

April 18: Turkish militias attacked Sed El Şehba, Hisiye, Um Ho, Zoyan, Herbel and Şex İsa villages in Şehba. Revolutionary forces injured nine militia officers in defence.

April 26: Turkish militias attacked Wehşiye, Sed El Şehba, Til Cican, Hesiye, Til Mediq, Herbel, Til Rifat, Şex İsa, Werdiye, Hesacik, Eyn Dewne and Minix villages in Şehba. Revolutionary forces injured eleven militia officers during the clashes.

April 27: Turkish military attacked villages near Şiye and Cindires. In defense by YPG and YPJ forces, 17 militiamen were killed and two bases and one tank of the Turkish military were destroyed.

April 28: Turkish military attacked the station of Avrin FM Radio with artillery. The radio broadcast had to be stopped after the attack.


May 1: Militias of the Turkish state attacked the Rubar refugee camp in Afrin. Due to the artillery bombardments in the camp, four refugees were injured. The camp was hosting 5,000 refugees at the time of the attack.

May 3: Militias attacked Semoqe, Til Mediq at Hise villages in Hiseba. The Revolutionary Forces killed three militiamen during clashes.

May 5: Militias attacked villages in Şehba again and the Revolutionary Forces killed eight militia officers.

May 11: Militias in Şehba attacked the villages around Hoş, Til Mediq, Semoqe and Hise with artillery. The attack killed one resident and injured five others.

May 14: Militias attacked Herbel, Um Hoş, Semoqe, Şex İsa and Qolserc villages in Şehba.

May 21: Turkish militias stationed in Semane Castle attacked Iska village in Afrin Şerawa. YPG / YPJ killed three loyal militiamen and injured six.

May 24: Turkish militia in Mari district attacked the Şehba region. The Revolutionary forces responded to the attacks.

May 26: Turkish militia attacked the village of Iska in Afrin Şerawa once more. An attacker was killed during the clashes.

May 29: Turkish military set wheat fields on fire near Diwa village, in Afrin Cindires. On May 30, loyal militias attacked the village. An attacker was killed by the YPG.


June 3: Turkish militias attacked Basufane village in Efrin Şerawa. An attacker was killed by the YPG. The following day, four loyal militia officers were wounded by the YPG. At the same time, loyal militias attacked the Cindires region. YPG killed two attackers there.

June 5: Turkish militias tried to besiege Diwa and Celeme villages in Afrin Cindires. The YPG / YPJ forces intervened and killed two militias, disrupting the siege attempt.

June 7: Turkish militias attacked villages in Şehba. YPG forces destroyed a vehicle of the attacking gangs.

June 8: Turkish army along with its militia attacked Minix and El Qemiye villages in Şehba and Qestel Cindo villages in Afrin. The YPG and Revolutionary Forces killed 25 assailants in both areas.

June 13: Turkish militias stationed in the Semane Castle attacked Basufane village. YPG and YPJ forces defended the areas and killed more than 50 attackers. During the fighting seven vehicles were destroyed and large quantities of weapons and ammunition were seized. One day after the attack, the Turkish military attacked the Til Rifat, Şex İsa, Um Ho and Şex Hilal regions in Şehba. One child, Hemida El Selim was killed in the attack and five family members wounded.

June 18: Turkish militias attacked Iska village. YPG and local gunmen killed five attackers and six militiamen were injured.

June 19: Turkish militias tried to besiege Til Mediq village in Şehba. The Revolutionary forces killed five attackers.


July 3: Turkish militias stationed in Azaz attacked Qestel Cindo, Cilbire and Merenaz villages in Afrin with howitzers. Four residents were injured.

On the same day, the Turkish military burned 200 hectares of agricultural land in Şehba.

In Kefer Entun village Turkish artillery fire killed three civilians and wounded eight others.

July 4: Turkish militias attacked Ehrenz villages in Şehba with artillery. Two residents were injured.

On the same day, Turkish militiamen attacked Til Rifat and Şex İsa villages. 13 attackers were killed by YPG.

July 15: Turkish militias attacked villages and hamlets in Şehba. A civilian named Henan Doxan (30) was killed and Yamin Kewayi (19) wounded.

July 18: Turkish militias attacked Eyn Deqne village in Şehba. Revolutionary forces killed 30 attackers including five Turkish soldiers.

July 27: Turkish militias tried to besiege Şehba villages. The Revolutionary Forces intervened, killing 16 militiamen and disrupted the siege attempt.

July 29: Turkish militias renewed their attempt to besiege villages in Şehba.


August 2: Turkish soldiers killed four civilians on the border between Rojava and Northern Kurdistan / Turkey.

August 6: Turkish militias attacked Şehba. Revolutionary forces destroyed, a tank and a vehicle with anti-aircraft gun.

August 13: Turkish military attacked Rubar refugee camp with artillery.

August 14: Turkish military attacked Eyn Deqne. During the defence by the YPG / YPJ a vehicle of the attackers was destroyed and a reconnaissance plane of the Turkish army was shot down.

August 23: Rewa Şexo, an inhabitant of Hesacik village was killed in Şehba due to a mine laid by the Turkish military.

August 29: Turkish military attacked Afrin city center with artillery. Six civilians were injured.


September 25: Turkish militias attacked the Bedirxan summit near Cindires in Afrin. A commander of the attackers was killed.

September 26: Turkish military destroyed 40 olive trees in Afrin Raco.

September 28: Turkish military destroyed more than 70 olive trees in Afrin Raco near Şingile village.


October 5: Turkish military destroyed 150 trees for the construction of the border wall.

October 18: Turkish militias attacked the Til Başur village with artillery. Three inhabitants were killed.


On November Turkish army concentrated its attacks against the outskirts of Şêrawa, Cindirêsê, and Bilbilê districts of Afrin Canton.

November 18 and 30: Turkish army and its militia have intensified their attacks with DShK, BKC, RPG-7, SPG-9, Tank, Artillery and Mortars. The attacks mostly targeted Girê Qestelê, Eleqînê, Basûfanê, Girê Banî, Girê Barîn, Merenaz, Girê Batman, Girê Bahoz, Girê Baz, Girê Bager, El Kamiyê, Girê Baxtiyar, Başemrê, Eyn Deqnê, eniya Kil Cibrîn, Girê Baflor, Gundê Zarê, Boxaza Gundê Zarê, Bircikê Silêman, Girê Başûr and Dîkmedaş areas.

According to YPG the people of the region have suffered material damage due to the attacks.


December 11: Turkish army units deployed in Semane Citadel carried out a bombardment on Basûfan and Beiyê villages in Efrîn’s Shêrava district.

December 24: Turkish militia deployed in a school in Azaz have fired mortars on Senka and Xerabe Şera villages of Efrîn’s Shera district. The attack caused material damage on the properties of people