Afrin: Five kilometers on five fronts in four weeks

The Turkish state wanted to conquer the northern Syrian canton of Afrin within three days with the "Operation Olive Branch". After four weeks, the invasion operation remains stuck in the border area.

With the support of jihadist militia, the Turkish military wanted to conquer the entire canton of Afrin in northern Syria within three days. Apparently, the resistance of the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was underestimated.

Although the second largest NATO army is also supported by Russia through the provision of airspace for the Turkish Air Force, the Turkish troops are still stuck in the border area. The combat zone is limited to an area of ​​five kilometers.

In the first few days of the military invasion, an attempt was made to panic the population and thus make them flee. This initiative was fruitless. The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) have only evacuated the border villages for security reasons. The population continues to participate in the defense of Afrin, even though the Turkish attacks have already killed around 180 civilians.

Fight in 37 villages on five fronts

Fierce fighting is currently taking place in 37 villages on five fronts. In the 37 evacuated villages, the SDF are fighting in guerilla style. During the day the fighters leave the villages because of the air raids. At night they prevent Turkish troops from advancing and inflict heavy casualties on them. In Afrin there are a total of 336 villages.

The fight takes place in the following villages:


1- Dêr Belût village

2- Mihemediyê village

3- Nasiriyah village

4- Dokan village

5- Safariye village

6- Haciskender village

7- Quşlah village

8- ÇemalBêl village

9- IşkanXerbî village


1- Qerminliq village

2- ÇeqelaJêrîn village

3- ÇeqelaJorîn village

4- Souuldjouk village

5- XelîlKulku village

6- Memel Uşaxî village

7- Omer Uşaxî village


1- TilKeşûr village

2- Adah Manli village

3- AlîBakki village

4- BîlalKuy village


1- Şengal village

2- Bakumasî village

3- Alîkar village

4- Zehran village

5- BalîKuy village

6- Kurni village

7- MehmûdWeyasî village

8- Hay Oxlo village

9- ŞêxUmasî village

10- Mersawa village

11- Heftaro village

12- EL şêxXerûz village

13- Omer Sîmo village

14- Salikanli village

15- Bilbilê district centre


1- Dîkmetaş village

2- Qstelê village

Distances to the Afrin city

The mentioned fronts are located at the following distance from the city of Afrin:

Bilbilê: 24 kilometers

Shêra: 18 kilometers

Rajo (northern front): 30 kilometers

Rajo (southern front): 25 kilometers

Shiyê: 21 kilometers

Jindires: 23 kilometers