Afrin Autonomous Administration’s call to the UN Security Council

Afrin Autonomous Administration has issued a call the UN Security Council in order for the Turkish state’s massacres against civilians to stop.

The Autonomous Administration of Afrin Canton in Northern Syria made a statement to the press, which was read out by Executive Council Co-chair Osman Şex İsa amid reconnaissance activity by Turkish aircraft.

Şex İsa called on the United Nations Security Council to take action in order to stop the massacre against civilians in Afrin, and said the following;

“For the past 51 days, the fascist Turkish state is carrying out attacks against the civilian population in Afrin from air and ground. Hundreds of civilians including children and women have been massacred as a result of these attacks.

In addition to the armed attacks, the invading Turkish army is also targeting drinking water supplies, schools and houses directly. Hundreds of people have been displaced by these attacks so far.

With these fascist attacks, the Turkish state seeks to displace the local people from their lands where they have been living for thousands of years.

Silence of the public opinion is the only reason for the current situation in Afrin.

On this basis, we as the Autonomous Administration of Afrin Canton warn the United Nations, Security Council and the international community, and urge them to break their silence on these attacks.

We call upon the United Nations and Security Council, and related organizations of law to make the attacks on Afrin Canton stop in response to the barbarity and atrocity of Erdoğan.”

Following the press statement, the mass will now head to the Ashrafiyah neighborhood and hold a demonstration against the ongoing invasion attacks.